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Cannabis Accessories

We carry a growing selection of products, including papers, pipes, grinders, glassware and much more...

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Cannabis in Brandon

Cannabis now available at 2637 Victoria Ave, Brandon. Come visit us!

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How to Sober Up When You're too High.
What’s up Flamingo Fam! This week we are going to cover a topic that is just way too timely to pass up.
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Your 420 Guide on making your own Edibles!
Hey Fam, we’re back at it again! This week we’ve whipped up a special How-To blog on making your own edibles!
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Know your limits. Cannabis
How to Consume Safely.
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History of Pipes & One-Hitters
Today we are talking about history of pipes and one-hitters! Let's find out where everything originated from!
Put That in Your Pipe and Smoke It.
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