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Returns Policy & Warranty

Return Policy

At Flamingo Plus we strive to ensure our returns are processed in a timely manner. If you pay via EMT there will be an added charge of $1 to cover the transaction fee for the cancelled order. This will result in your e-transfer refund being -$1 from your total. 

Our entire focus is on providing our customers with the smoothest shopping experience. We at flamingo do intensive research & are picky for the quality of products we choose to showcase to our customers. From time to time a manufacturer defect known as DOA (dead on arrival) device can happen. In order to give a grace period we offer a 30 day Return Policy for these scenarios. The 30 day Return period starts on the day of your purchase. Please inspect your product upon arrival to ensure its working. If 30 days have passed from the day of your purchase, regardless if the product was opened or not, unfortunately we aren’t able to offer a refund or exchange. 

Once the 30 day return period has ended we will do our best to troubleshoot your products and use our experience to address the situation. We absolutely value your business and appreciate your cooperation.

Some products are final sale & therefore aren’t eligible for a return or an exchange, these include but are not limited to: Cannabis Products, Nicotine E-Liquid, Nicotine pre-filled products (Disposable Vape, pre-filled pods, and other disposable products), rebuildable supplies (cotton, wire, tools, etc), drip tips, glass & glass accessories (pipes, bongs, bubblers, dab rigs, grinders, papers, lighters) and other consumable & potential unsanitary products.

Any packages that are Returned to Sender because of Proof of Age not being able to be determined will not be eligible for a refund. Our products are age restricted by the government so unless you are of age do not attempt to place orders.

 Warranty Information

Vape Products

Our 14-day warranty policy begins the day your shipment has been marked delivered by Canada Post. The 14 day warranty period begins regardless if the product was opened or not. As we ship nationally, we understand the wide array of situations that can arise, however, if the 30 day return policy has passed, Flamingo Plus is unable to return or warranty products on the order. All of the original packaging must be returned along with the item purchased. If packaging is not received along with the product, neither the warranty nor the refund will be accepted.

All warranties are subject to approval.

If you are within the 14 days, and the item purchased does not fall under the excluded products list, please contact us ASAP. As a customer going through warranty/return you are responsible for all cost in shipping items back to flamingoplus.ca. We will be responsible for all cost in shipping the items back to the customer. Shipping is an NRF (non-refundable fee).

Warrantable Issues:

We understand that sometimes the products are usable, but not without problems. These situations are strict, but are warrantable. These situations include and are limited to: The device auto-firing, any chip-set malfunction, charging port issues, screen malfunctions, and battery/power issues. 

What is NOT covered by the Warranty:

E-liquid, Tanks, RTA (rebuildable tank atomizer), RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer), batteries, chargers, mechanical mods, drip tips, pre-built coils or tank coils, rebuildable supplies, or other disposable or consumable products.

Failure or damage caused by improper use (water damage, juice leaking, fire damage, etc)

Leaky tanks, or pods

Loss or damage

Stripped or damaged 510 threading on the device or tank

Failure or damage as a result of excessive force such as dropping or abuse

Damage to the finish (cosmetics)

Defects caused by normal wear and tear or otherwise due to the normal ageing of the product.

Items outside of our warranty policy period

Products without their original packaging (which includes the serial #)

After reading this if your issue is still covered under warranty please email us as soon as possible at [email protected]


All Cannabis products are final sale unless it is recalled by the government or arrived defective. Please contact us to see if your product qualifies at [email protected]. If the item you ordered is recalled we will notify you and send you a return shipping label.

Return Shipments

As a customer going through warranty/return you are responsible for all cost in shipping items back to flamingoplus.ca. We will be responsible for all cost in shipping the items back to the customer. Shipping is an NRF (non-refundable fee). The only exception would be dead-on-arrival returns.