Aegis Boost Kit Review! Is THIS the BEST AIO of 2019?!

Aegis Boost Kit Review! Is THIS the BEST AIO of 2019?!

Today we're reviewing the new Boost AIO kit, is it the best pod mod to come out yet? Read or watch to find out!

What’s going on party people! Cam here back again for another review, and this time on a new favourite AIO, the Aegis Boost! 

The Aegis lineup of products has been around for a few years now, with each iteration filling a new hole in the market. GeekVape really got big from this series of devices, with every version since the first boasting amazing durability, and of course being IP67 rated water and shock proof. If you search Aegis on YouTube, you’re sure to find heaps of videos from every big name and then some throwing these things off buildings, into walls, driving over them, and whatever else kind of carnage they can think of only to be brushed off by these absolute units. The Aegis started big and has been getting smaller and smaller and have finally reached their tiniest device yet in the form of an AIO kit. And yes, it’s still IP67.

106.8 x 27.7 x 39.2

Before we start diving deep into this cool little kit lets quickly go over the specs of this device!

Dimensions: 106.8 mm x 27.7 mm x 39.2 mm

Weight: 120g, super light

Battery: 1500mAh

Charging Current: 1.5A 5V

What’s in the box!?
Alright, there’s one more thing before we start talking about the device, and that’s what comes in the box when you buy it! You get the device so throw that thing away, a flat white micro-USB cord which doesn’t match but okay, a spare 0.6Ω coil, coil pry bar, and… ok what is going on here this is the nicest silica gel pack I’ve ever seen. These are by no means expensive, but I’ve never seen branded silica gel packs before it’s always those generic white papery ones. I’m perplexed as to why this brand puts in so much effort into these, but either way it’s definitely the tastiest silica snack pack I’ve ever had. Yum!

The Aegis line of products all follow a very similar design scheme, and honestly I have zero complaints because they all look awesome and are super comfy to use!  The body itself is made from super tough Zinc alloy combined with silicone to absorb shock, all with a sleek leather back for comfort and style. On the side of the device you’ll see the covered micro-USB port (I wish they did USB-C).. A little note about the weight of this device, because I think it’s just right! It’s heavy enough not to feel cheap, but isn’t so heavy that you notice it in your pockets. I usually keep this in my shirt pocket and I barely notice this compared to a 18650 AIO kit. Honestly, if I somehow managed to break this thing I would just buy another, you’re not gonna find anything built this tough for only $45!
It’s hard to describe how this looks, it’s tough but elegant, sharp but curvy, high-tech yet simplistic, the Boost just looks awesome! 

We’ll go from top to bottom for different design aspects, which means starting at the drip tip and pods! The drip tip is what caught the most of my attention when I first started looking at the Boost, I’ve always been a huge fan of flatter tips as they feel much more comfortable when in use. But maybe you’re weird and don’t like more comfortable tips, well luckily GeekVape still likes you so they actually included a round tip as well! It doesn’t change the airflow, but the shape was designed to use for MTL mode so you could get an easy puckered face MTL draw. I do want to note that while this looks like a 510 tip, your 510 tips won’t fit, but you won’t even want to use them because holy heck this one of my all time favourite tips!

The pod is extremely well designed, and I don’t think other reviewers are giving it enough credit. At the back of the pod you have the lock that attaches the device, it’s extremely sturdy and won’t move until you push down on it which is great, even after a couple drops the pod hasn’t flown out on me! Unlike the RPM and Vinci, the airflow doesn’t come from the bottom of the coil which helps eliminate the chance of it leaking into the pins! Instead they have an enclosed airflow chamber that reaches from back to front to the fantastic airflow control system they designed. The airflow wheel has a perfect amount of resistance to it to make it sure it won’t spin around freely and mess up your experience, and doesn’t lock so you can freely spin it fully closed or only open on the side of your choice, plus it just looks cool.  Right above the airflow is the fill port, it’s nothing fancy just a silicone stopper with a little extra to grab onto. I have no finger nails so I always hate these, but any other design honestly would’ve looked stupid so I understand why they did it. Not a huge deal, this thing holds 3.7mL of liquid so you don’t need to open it much, plus jamming anything underneath for leverage is easy. 

Moving down further, the firing button itself has a bit of a trigger-like design to it so your finger locks in place without thinking, feeling light but tactile and very satisfying. Just to note, while it is easy to press because of the angle of which you fire it, I haven’t had any issues of this firing in my pocket while not in use! Oddly enough I wasn’t a big fan of the firing switch in previous iterations of the Aegis lineup, but the Boost just be hitting different because I think it’s super comfortable. This design works really well for the wattage adjustment as it acts as a rocker, it’s easy to press both buttons at once to lock the wattage by pressing in the middle, but also lets you easily adjust the wattage up and down. But with all of the design points covered, we’ll move onto the absolutely insane never before seen features on this device.

Okay that was clickbait, this thing has just the essentials which I think is the best way to treat small devices, I’m calling you out VooPoo and Smok!
So of course it has the usual protections for overheating, shorts, etc. but a cool addition is an auto shutoff if any button is held down for 30s. That means if something presses against it in a pocket or bag, you won’t have to worry about messing anything up which is super reassuring. Otherwise, you get a simple ohm reader that notifies you when it changes, a nice puff counter that you can reset, and a nice simple wattage lock which every device SHOULD have. Press and hold up and down, lock the wattage but you can still fire it bam easy how hard is this! 

So I think I should throw these extra notes into here, I mentioned at the beginning already, but this thing is also IP67 waterproof so it can easily handle everyday life which is awesome when you’re clumsy like me! The 1500mAh battery charges up quick with the 1.5A charging, but this device last me more than day and I generally get over 270 hits before I charge this, and that’s using the 0.4Ω coil with 25W of power.

The coils are truly what shines on this device, and that’s also because of the phenomenally smooth airflow from the pod. Seriously, like I said in my AIO review I’m an airflow snob, and this thing is rivalling the dotAIO!

0.4Ω – This has been my favourite coil for the Boost, it has a wattage range of 25W-33W and I’ve been having the most enjoyable experience at 25W using regular 70/30 VG/PG eliquid. The flavour is very saturated and you get a comfortably warm vape as you bring the power up. 25W and half airflow is the perfect vape with this device, 

but I’ll show you the cloud when you take it up to the max!

0.6Ω – The 0.6Ω is more meant for a loose mouth to lung draw, and is great if you use salt nicotine juice or just prefer lower wattages with regular nicotine. I don’t use that stuff so I put in the same 70/30 juice to give a direct comparison. I was definitely shocked by this, while I didn’t expect much at a lower wattage using a juice this thick it gave surprisingly good flavour, and when I bumped it to the max 25W I found it to be very similar to the 0.4Ω coil, if anything a touch warmer because of the higher resistance and slightly tighter airflow.

Final Thoughts
Now that the review is said and done, it’s time to go over any cons that I found and give my final opinion on the device. For cons, they’re really only subjective as I don’t think there’s anything terribly wrong with this device; it has amazing performance rivalling devices more than twice its price. I’m personally not a huge fan of the silicone on the body as it picks up a lot of dust, but that’s also what provides water and more shock proofing. Another tiny thing is I do wish they made a lighter  as it can be hard to see your juice sometimes, but as long as you can put light behind it, it’s fine. The only other thing I’d want is a removable battery, but if they take the VooPoo route and release the same thing but with 18650 compatibility I’ll buy it on the spot. If you just like built-in rechargeable batteries then this is great, I just like being extra prepared with multiple batteries on hand .

Other than that I can’t recommend it enough. Whether you want to use salt nicotine to stop smoking, or you want a better experience and flavour with regular e-juice, I would be shocked if you didn’t enjoy this thing. It’s comfy in the hand, comfy to use, has amazing vapour quality, smooth airflow, AND you don’t have to worry about dropping it! This thing is awesome, and if this thing get’s stolen too or lost etc., I’ll run back to Flamingo to pick up another. Beginner, intermediate, and especially most advanced vapers will love this. Why? Because they’re releasing an RDTA section for this device! I’m sure I’ll pick it up for a review when they come in ;-)

I wanna thank you for reading my review of the Aegis Boost pod mod kit, check out this link if you want to pick one up for yourself with free shipping! 


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