Asvape TOUCH kit REVIEW! -- Touchscreen Pod Vape?!

Asvape TOUCH kit REVIEW! -- Touchscreen Pod Vape?!

Review of the new Asvape Touch pod system, learn all about this awesome touch screen device and it's features!

The Asvape TOUCH is probably the most advanced pod system on the market right now, and as the name suggests, it has a touchscreen!

Now if you and your friends all have the same pod system, it’s time to change that and flex on all of them! The TOUCH is a beautiful looking pod system, and it definitely surpassed my expectations for such a tiny touch screen device. The swipe gestures work fantastic, and allows you to scroll through the different screens to choose from a custom wallpaper (More on that later!), an info screen that shows your total puffs, puffs remaining, and other neat information! One of my favourite parts other than the custom wallpaper is the addition of a battery meter, while this one is much more precise than most, all pod systems really need to implement some form of battery indicator.  It performs great, pushing 8-12w from the 1.5mL pod, you get awesome flavour and a satisfying hit with a very smooth airflow.

Before we get into how to change your wallpaper on this device, we’re going to go up close and personal with this device to show you how this device operates.

On the outside of the device we have a tiny reset button along with the function button used for stealth mode and turning on and off the device. Stealth mode is one quick click, and you can turn the device off by holding it. The device itself is all operated through the touch screen, allowing us to change the preheat from soft, standard, to my personal preference at strong! They also provide a timer if you want to see how long you’ve been hitting the device for, and of course the custom wallpaper.

You’ll definitely notice how glossy this device is due to the glass screen, which means lots of fingerprints. This isn’t something that bothers me, a quick wipe down will get it looking perfect for Instagram. The one thing that does bother me is the brightness of the screen itself, while it is at a great resolution it can be a bit difficult to see if you were looking at this outside. I never go outside, so luckily this hasn’t affected me!

To take a quick look at the pod, you’ll notice it has two small magnets which secures it on the device. It does have slight wobble to it, but it still has a strong connection and I’m not concerned about it falling out at random.

For some tech specs, it measures at 82.5mm at its tallest point, 14.5mm wide, and has a 2-inch touchscreen! The Asvape Touch also has a 500mAh built in battery, which lasted me a full day of very heavy use when not playing around with the screen too much. The stealth mode will definitely save your battery!

Now what I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for, how to change the wallpaper! Now the first thing you’ll need to do is download their software off the website, this is also where you can find firmware upgrades for the unit to make sure you never run into bugs! Download the TouchEditor1.0, install it, and you’re almost ready. Plug in the included micro-USB or any data transfer micro-USB cord you have available, hold down the side button and reset, then release the reset switch, and finally the side button. It will say “waiting…” and activate as a USB device on your computer. Open up the software, and click the “Open” button to select your image; If you want to do prep work, use something like Photoshop to resize it to 240x320, that way you won’t stretch out the image. Once you’ve selected the image, it will automatically convert it to a BMP, and open up the window for your device. Drag and drop and you’ve changed your wallpaper! Unplug, and swipe to the custom logo screen to see it! Images or logos with a black background are going to give you the best looking results.

To Recap the Asvape Touch,


  • Easy Touchscreen navigation
  • Long lasting 500mAh battery
  • Beautiful design
  • Customizable wallpapers
  • Lots of information
  • Easy to use and fill
  • Draw activated fire system


  • The screen could be brighter
  • Pod has a slight wobble

I hope you enjoyed this review of the TOUCH by Asvape, click HERE to get yours!

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  1. Adam Adam

    Great device, just needs an option to increase brightness of the led screen! Can't see the screen in the light of the sun.

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