Black Market Vaping. The Dangers of Vaping.

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Black Market Vaping. The Dangers of Vaping.

All of our coverage on the subject of the illnesses related to (black market) vaping.


(Above are all the videos we have made on the subject)

With all the news talking about black market vaping, lung diseases, and of course flavour bans, we wanted to make a statement.

With all the information given from the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, it doesn’t appear that nicotine vaping is the cause of this huge problem. They’re specifically warning people not to use THC oil vaping products, they didn’t issue a warning about nicotine. Nearly everyone affected has admitted to vaping illicit THC oil cartridges which after testing in New York, contained Vitamin E acetate. While there is a handful of people that haven’t said they used THC, you also need to remember the majority of these people are in states where cannabis products are illegal, and admitting to owning and using these products could land them in a lot of trouble. It’s completely possible that ALL of these patients were using THC, but are frightened to speak about its use. I’m not saying that it is 100% the case, but it is a possibility.

You see, while some people think vape juice is an oil, as it appears to be an oily substance, but it really isn’t. You can pour a bottle of vape juice into a glass of water and mix it all together, which is why very rarely distilled water is actually added to vape juice. Vitamin E Acetate on the other hand, is an oil. When you are inhaling an aerosolized oil, it turns back into oil after setting in your lungs which can cause inflammation, leading to things like lipoid pneumonia. 

Media outlets are using phrases like “the dangers of vaping” and strictly showing nicotine vaporizers, when they may even be talking about these THC distillate (and potentially CBD isolate) cartridges. They’re using vaping as a scare word, skewing what the CDC said about not vaping THC products into just don’t vape. The term vaping is being used very broadly, and they are also trying to blame companies like Juul for this random outbreak of lung disease that has popped up out of nowhere, even they had to make the statement that their products don’t contain THC like what’s being found in the patients. What the news articles don’t seem to realize is the fact that vaping has been around for over a decade, doesn’t it seem strange that this outbreak is happening out of no where and in such a concentrated period of time?

When it comes to flavour bans, we don’t think it should happen, and that’s not because we’re a business. For smokers, having an alternative proven to be 95% safer that tastes a lot better than cigarettes can completely change their lives. If anything, we don’t think that the Canadian demographic would have any problems with a big black and white warning saying that the product contains nicotine like they do in the US. This ban means businesses that create e-liquid are likely to shut down, shops that sell e-liquid are likely to shut down, and thousands of Canadians won’t have a place to work. This flavour ban means people are going to turn to the black market to get flavoured vape products. Health Canada has approved vaping as a method to quit smoking tobacco, and the fact that Trump said he’s wanting to ban flavours after reading a Facebook headline is creating a global impact is simply terrifying. Fight for your right to choose flavours, if they can only sell fruit flavoured alcohol in specialty alcohol shops, which is known to kill people, lead to addiction, etc., you should have the right to use a fruit flavoured e-juice to prevent the risks of tobacco use purchased in a specialty vape shop.


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