Blunts! All you Need to Know.

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Blunts! All you Need to Know.

Hey Hey, Flamingo Fam! This week we are gonna cover everything you need to know about blunts. What they are, where they came from, how to roll one, and everything in between.


Ready? Let’s get it.

Traditionally, a blunt is a cigar filled with cannabis instead of tobacco. Meaning you would in fact destroy a cigar to make a blunt by cutting it down the side and removing the tobacco to replace it with cannabis. If that sounds like too much work, you can use blunt papers or blunt wraps such as the King Palm Pre-Roll Slims . The King Palm’s are made out of Cordia leaves which are tobacco free and do not contain any preservatives, artificial flavours, or glue.  The main differences between the two is that you can definitely use a larger amount of cannabis in a cigar or blunt wrap, and that because the wrap is made of a thicker material or hemp paper it will burn slowly and add a unique flavour to your cannabis. For quality Canadian grown hemp blunt papers, we highly recommend checking out Low Cloud wraps, locally owned and operated right here at home in Manitoba.



The terms blunt, spliff, and joint are often used interchangeably, but they’re not actually the same. A blunt is usually much bigger and “fatter” than a joint, meaning it’s packed with a lot more weed. A typical sesh blunt would likely require anywhere from 2-4 grams while you can easily get away with ½ gram rolled into a joint. It’s been said that the term “blunt” came from an old American cigar brand that had named one of it’s cigars a “blunt” because it’s end was much rounder and flatter than the other types of cigars they manufactured.



Blunts found their rise to fame in the 1990’s when hip hop culture took off. Blunts were in the hands of every rapper in every video. They were rapped about in songs that were going #1 on the hip hop charts. Blunts were everywhere. Blunts were a movement.


So, how do you roll one?



Similar to rolling a joint, you’ll need a few things before you get started. A grinder, a couple grams of your favourite weed, and a blunt wrap or a traditional hollowed out cigar wrapper.

  1. Grind your weed, the more the better.

  2. Prep your blunt wrap- if you are using a hollowed out cigar, you will need to carefully empty it so as to not crack it. After your cigar is hollowed, keep it damp with a paper towel, adding moisture to the wrapper makes it easier to work with and is less likely to crack while rolling.

  3. Fill that baby up with all that beautiful ground up sticky icky.

  4. Roll roll roll. Tuck and roll. Once you’ve rolled your wrapper all the way around your cannabis, tuck the paper in under itself and lick it again to close it. Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to bake your blunt by slowly running a lighter alongside the seam to help seal it. Don’t light your blunt, you just want the heat from the lighter, not the actual flame.

  5. Once sealed up. Now we spark it.

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