Can you vape with no Nicotine?

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Can you vape with no Nicotine?

There's always one question floating in everyone's head... Can you vape without nicotine? Find out about Nicotine free vaping and its possibilities in this latest blog post! Or watch the video!


There has always been a misconception with vaping and e-cigarettes being strictly for nicotine delivery, and getting off analog cigarettes. While definitely being the main purpose of switching to vaping, nicotine free options play a huge part in the industry, so let’s dive in!


When you’re quitting smoking using vaping, the idea is to start at a higher nicotine level and working yourself down to no nicotine to get rid of the nicotine dependency. The habit of smoking a cigarette is a big reason that vaping is more successful than other methods for quitting, however having even a little nicotine to satisfy cravings is going to be much more helpful. I will always recommend using nicotine to quit smoking, however for some a nicotine-free option to keep the habit is more than enough!


Now if you’ve never smoked, and are not addicted to nicotine, there’s no reason to start. There has always been a social aspect to smoking which is a gigantic reason people start. Vaping has finally given people the option to join peers and friends on smoke breaks, giving nicotine-free options to avoid the more harmful analog cigarette. While it’s always better to not be putting anything in your lungs, the “Fear of Missing Out” is a strange phenomenon that makes people do things they never would’ve thought of previously. Everyone here at Flamingo will tell you the same, I can’t describe how stressful it gets when you realize you’re on the last drop!


Vape trick culture has a big play in the nicotine free market. This area of vaping has a competitive scene with cash prizes and as a visual performance for entertainment, people are even making a living being professional in the field! A lot of people, including myself, use 0 nicotine juice when doing tricks as it is much smoother, won’t make you feel woozy, and won’t hurt your throat since there isn’t a nicotine kick. The famous brand “VGOD” heavily markets their products towards vapers that want to do tricks, even influencing people to pick up vaping specifically for the hobby. If that’s your case, nicotine-free options are strongly recommended! I’ve seen people doing tricks forgetting they are using nicotine, and get a very strong blast which can be very uncomfortable at times.

Vape trick jelly fish

The actual safety behind using nicotine is a big concern for many, and being in its liquid form there are a few precautions. Ingesting nicotine vape juice can be very harmful, and that’s why every bottle we sell has a child proof cap. Even though they are childproof, it’s very important to store your vape gear out of reach of children. While still highly addictive, inhaling nicotine is a different situation, and studies are showing that nicotine isn’t very harmful on its own! The stigma behind nicotine being very harmful is due to the combination of other harmful chemicals like arsenic that are found in tobacco cigarettes. We still don’t recommend starting nicotine if you haven’t already, but it is definitely a far less harmful alternative to smoking!

Never feel bad or shamed if you use a nicotine free option. I’ve seen many people come in with friends trying to convince them to get something light such as 3 milligram strength, or even higher with salt nicotine even though they’ve never smoked a day in their life. I always do my best to convince them otherwise, the shortlived nicotine high doesn’t last long, and once you get used to nicotine you won’t get it anymore and just be filling cravings. If you don’t use tobacco, don’t use nicotine in your vape! I’ve even seen people using nicotine free vapes as a way to cut back on snacking, with so many flavours available it is another habit that you can help curve!


Tl;dr: Yes. You can!


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