CBD: What is it, and how important is it?

CBD: What is it, and how important is it?

We know there's been a huge growth within the cannabis community, with products not just limited to their THC contents - CBD and CBG have slowly been creeping up to the stage! Whether or not you've been smoking for ages, or if you're new to consuming cannabis, we want you to feel empowered when you're shopping online! Keep reading to learn about the wonderful uses of the hemp plant, what is CBD and CBG, and how they can make you feel after consumption.


Cannabidiol, otherwise known more famously as CBD, is an interesting compound found in Hemp Plant. You may think of it as THC’s less talented brother, but that isn’t the case! 

While CBD does not cause a “high” as most of us smokers have come to expect when we pick up our favourite bud, this active compound of Cannabis has been gaining popularity within the medical marijuana community. Following in those footsteps, mainstream cannabis consumers have been noticing just how expansive the effects of CBD just are. From pain relief to sleep aid, CBD is becoming a star. 

There are over 100’s of different chemicals found in Cannabis. These are known as cannabinoids. The most well known of these chemicals, are THC and CBD. They are similar, but recently cultivators and studies have shown that CBD differs from THC in some pretty major ways. 

Aside from THC, and CBD a new cannabinoid is coming strong to the recreational cannabis community. You may have seen an influx of cannabis products containing CBN as you shop. Even at Flamingo, we’ve tried and tested CBN products like our Full Spectrum CBN + CBD Oil by Night Night Cannabis! These products are taking the market by storm, and we are absolutely not mad at it! 

This all can seem overwhelming, and a lot to take in for even the most experienced smokers. Don’t worry, we’ll break it down for you!

What is hemp, and how is it different from a “typical” cannabis plant. 

Hemp is known as the buffalo plant, due to many indigenous cultures using every part of the buffalo. From the seeds, to the actual flower of the plant itself, Hemp is a one stop shop! 

Longer and skinnier than a “typical” cannabis plant, there is no mistaking Hemp for Cannabis. Look below for yourself to see!



Hemp Plant                        Cannabis Plant



The first picture shows a long skinny stalk with a few leaves clustered together in a bunch - this is the famous hemp plant! The second photo with beautiful crystals, pistils, and buds is the overwhelmingly loved marijuana plant!

Hemp has an interesting function in daily life for everyone! Thousands and thousands of years ago, hemp was one of the first plants to be used for weaving fabrics! Imagine rolling up to the pack dripping in Hemp cloth! Like Marijuana, Hemp plants can also be classified as Cannabis Sativa plants, as Hemp and Marijuana are under the same genus. The distinction to remember is that any Cannabis Sativa plants that have less than 0.3% THC are considered hemp, and Cannabis Sativa Plants with 0.4% THC are considered Marijuana. Hemp is not highly psychoactive due to this difference in THC levels. 

This lack of psycho-activity is why so many people have been turning to CBD products in recent times. I mean, who doesn't love a nice relaxing night in?

Okay, I know a little bit about CBD, but what is, and why do I keep seeing products with CBG?

Cannabigerol, AKA CBG, is a compound found in all Cannabis plants. However, hemp produces more CBG than found in other Cannabis plants. CBG is a non-intoxicating compound, but it does have traits of a typical “high” - mellowness, concentration, appetite boost, and overall relaxation. If a THC (psychotropic) product is a clubbing or party high, a CBD (non-psychotropic) product would be a dinner party high, and a CBG product would be a study-time/relaxing weekend high. If you’re looking for a lowkey time, try our Wana Quick Rise & Shine Sativa Gummies!

Overall, CBD has become a superstar within the Cannabis communities. Hemp products are inescapable in day to day life, and for good reason! From clothing, to pet products, everywhere you look, you’ll see hemp! CBD and CBG products are growing exponentially, so make sure to grab yourself some and try them out at home!





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