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Hello friends, family, and members of our community. We come to you with a sad message, and a request for help. 

On the night of January 4th 2024, at around 3:30am Flamingo Plus on Regent Ave was broken into and robbed by a masked criminal. We have included pictures of this horrible person, as well as his getaway vehicle. His vehicle is believed to be a Red Dodge Journey, and the plates were removed. 



In accordance with the Winnipeg Police Service, we believe this car was stolen before this evening’s events. If you, or anyone you know recently had their Red Dodge SUV stolen, PLEASE CONTACT US. 

Another thing to note from the footage captured during his crime, is that the vehicle is packed to the roof with other bins. After speaking extensively with WPS, it appears as though other business in the area were victims of this individual as well. If you know of any other business vandalized this night, please reach out to us. 

We are heartbroken because of this, and we need your help. If you see or hear of anyone trafficking vape products, or you have any information regarding who this is, or possibly where they went please message us so we can bring this person to the appropriate authorities and consequences. 



Flamingo+ offers the best prices because of our business model, and this individuals actions could have negative effect on this. We need to bring this person down, and reclaim as much as we can to be able to provide our community with the service, and prices you all deserve. It is imperative to us, that if you have information, please contact us or the police. 

The amount of damages, and products taken are a huge blow to us. We are devastated, and our brand new location which should be only be celebrated has been sullied with this individuals actions. 

We can be contacted via [email protected], or (204) 219- 8787 (ext. 1). The number for non-emergency WPS is (204)-986-6222. Or you can contact the Winnipeg Crime Stoppers tip line at 204-786-8477

We appreciate the time you took to read this. We love our community and hope that together we can bring this man to where he deserves to be. 

Thank you, and have a Happy New Year.




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