History of Grinders. Weed Grinder - Where it came from?

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History of Grinders. Weed Grinder - Where it came from?

Welcome back, Fam! This week’s lesson is all about Grinders- where they originated, the different types, why they’re a necessity, and how to pick the best one for you.

Simply put, a grinder is a handheld mechanism used to break down tight nuggets of your cannabis. They come in a variety of colours, sizes, and materials- and what you choose as your grinder will determine whether or not your sesh will be a good one. No jokes, without breaking down your pot, you will not have any optimum airflow while inhaling because a nugget is too tight. On top of ensuring airflow, grinding your cannabis will allow for the terpenes and cannabinoids to breathe before combusting or vaping, allowing for the full entourage effect to take place. Kinda like with food- if you can’t smell it, it doesn’t taste as good. The same applies to cannabis with the entourage effect. 



So now that we know what a grinder is, and why you should probably have one.

Let’s talk about the people behind the first known record of the grinder we know today. What was originally created as a ‘Case and Device for Holding and Disintegrating Tobacco and other Substances’- the grinder was invented by two men in Australia. In April of 1905, William Wingfield and John Balding of Boort, Victoria, Australia applied to patent their innovation. By July 25,1905- Patent No. 795,796 - (a drawing that looks a lot like a 3-piece hand grinder) was official.


From wood and plastic to stainless steel or aluminum, the options are endless when it comes to what type of material your grinder is made from. And of course, as time has evolved, so has the grinder, becoming the most necessary accessory for your sesh. They can be discreet and fit in your pocket, or they can be huge and hold enough bud to last the weekend. Whatever you do- pay attention to the teeth! The make or break debate of diamond teeth vs peg teeth. Personal preference is all that matters here- depending on your desired outcome- diamond teeth create more of a ground material, while peg teeth create more of a crushed material.



A 2-Part grinder is your most basic.

With two pieces that both have teeth, all you have to do is place small pieces of your weed inside, push together, and twist back and forth. If this simplicity is for you, check out our Storz & Bickel Herb Grinder. Now the 4-part grinder is the most popular and searched for grinder in the industry. With one chamber for catching kief at the base, one chamber for holding ground material, and two levels with teeth, the 4-part grinder does much more than just grind your weed. This type of grinder is optimal if you like to collect your kief, which a lot of consumers definitely like to do. (Kief is the beautiful sticky icky that comes off of your bud and holds most of the good stuff. We’ll dig deeper into Kief on our next blog.) For example, did you know if you decarboxylate the kief in your grinder you can make edibles? Or sprinkle a little on top of your joint or bowl for a little extra kick during your next sesh?



Tons of options with a grinder like this. If a 4-piece is for you, we suggest one of our faves - the Santa Cruz 4 Piece Grinder.



And last but not least, the electric grinder.

With a variety of models that offer different things, an electric grinder does all the work for you. No need to wrestle with the sticky bud that keeps mucking up your grinder, save your strength and time. If dexterity isn’t your forte, then an electric grinder should be, no pain or frustration. And guess what? We have the coolest auto grinder on the block! The Banana Brothers Otto Grinder. Not only does this baby grind your weed for you, but it packs a king-sized cone for you as well. Hollaaaaaaa.



So now that you’ve realized you need a new grinder, what are you waiting for? We’ve got the perfect one for you, come see us!


Consume Responsibly, Practice Safe Seshing, and Peace by the Gram.


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