How do I choose my Nicotine Level? - Vaping 101

How do I choose my Nicotine Level? - Vaping 101

This instalment of Vaping 101 will show you how to choose the correct nicotine level for the vape that you have!

Welcome to episode 2 of Vape 101! In this video we’re gonna be showing you how to get the right nicotine level

Choosing the nicotine level to start at is much easier when you have already chosen your device, this way you’ll be sure you aren’t getting too much nicotine at once or not enough! I will say, nicotine levels can be subjective as everyone has their own preference, but these are a good guideline to get you started.

There are 2 types of nicotine, Freebase and Salt. Freebase has been used since the 60s in traditional cigarettes, and the vaping industry since it started! It has a higher pH balance (meaning higher alkalinity) and gives a higher “throat hit” which many people prefer. Salt Nicotine is made with benzoic acid which lowers its pH balance and alkalinity which makes it much smoother, allowing people to use higher nicotine levels with less harshness. Salt Nicotine is fairly new to the market and are only intended to be used in low power devices due to the high nicotine content. Some companies are producing lower levels (3mg-6mg) in Salt format so they are able to use in medium-high power devices! If you do choose to start with salt nicotine to switch from cigarettes, you’re really in for a treat when you make the jump to freebase nicotine! Tons more flavours become available, and the amount of flavour you’ll get is amazing!

Our judgement is based on the amount that you smoke, but if you smoke lighter/stronger cigarettes you may want to consider dropping or going up a level! Nicotine strengths are measure in milligram per millileter of liquid, shortened to mg/mL (or just mg)

When using high power setups, going past 6mg nicotine will be far too harsh for most people, so if you are just starting out it’s recommended to use a max of 6mg.


So after looking at these charts you can see a bit of a pattern, as the power increases your nicotine level decreases! This balances out the amount of nicotine you’re intaking with the amount of vapour that’s being created.

Remember, this is where I recommend to start but everyone's a little different, and what works great for one person may not be right for the next. If you’re able to try a friend’s vape that is usually a great way to try different nicotine levels at different amounts of power! Everyone has a different preference for how they like to vape, and while your friend may love high powered vapes they may not be right for you! I personally like to stay in the medium power range with my vapes, but we have people at Flamingo that love low powered as well as really high powered devices!

Now that you have a good understanding of where to start with your nicotine levels, it's time to go and get your first juice! Some people like to get a couple different strengths to start, but following these guide lines will definitely put you in the right direction.

I hope you enjoyed this instalment of Vape 101, and now that you have your vape and juice all figured out it's time to tell you how to use vaping as an alternative to smoking! I'll see you in the part 3!



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