How do I pick my FIRST VAPE? - Vaping 101

How do I pick my FIRST VAPE? - Vaping 101

The first part of Vaping 101 - Everything you need to know about picking out your first vape. From low power to high power, we explain the differences so you can find the right kit for you!

If you clicked this video then you’re probably wanting to stop smoking cigarettes, and get started vaping! Welcome to Vaping 101, a mini series that will teach you everything you need to know about vaping from start to finish. Every entry will cover a different topic, so we’ve left the series playlist in the bottom of the article!

We’re going to cover how to choose your first vape, what nicotine level to choose for your device, how to use vaping to stop smoking, useful vaping terminology, and of course tips and tricks for when you start!

Picking out your first vape is always the most intimidating part, with tons of different devices on the market it can be hard to make your first choice. There’s kits that replicate cigarettes, ones that push out huge plumes of vapour, and of course a slew of kits in between. Now, let's start with the lower power devices!

Vapes that replicate cigarettes usually come in the form of “pod systems”, they don’t have tons of power, meaning they don’t push out too much vapour, and are the most common to start with. Pod systems and mouth-to-lung draw kits usually don’t give amazing flavour, but they are designed to be discreet and replicate an analog cigarette. These types of kits have a tighter airflow (or draw) which helps give a similar feeling to smoking a cigarette. Higher nicotine levels are best for these devices, we’ll talk about it in episode 2! This category of devices usually pushes between 9-18 watts-- 
Now hold up, what are watts? I’ll dive deeper in the terminology video, but it’s basically the amount of power your vape outputs. Keep these numbers in mind so you understand the ranges for low-medium-high power settings!

Now getting to the mid range, these devices start putting out a considerable amount of vapour. They will give you more vapour and more importantly, lots more flavour. These devices are still suited for beginners who like the idea of having bigger clouds, and want a wide variety of flavours! These devices usually have adjustable power and airflow, which lets you dial in the perfect wattage to suit your liking. Another thing to note about the midrange vaporizers is that they usually become more customizable, allowing you to get a different tank to change your experience! Devices in this category usually run between 25W-50W, and this is the range that I personally love to vape in!

Last but definitely not least are high power kits that vape at 60W-100W or higher is definitely the hardest to get used to if you’re switching from smoking. You’ll be getting tons of vapor which can easily make you cough from the heat and volume. These types of devices have a much looser airflow (some are so open they feel like breathing) designed for blowing huge plumes of vapour. We usually recommend these types of kits as an upgrade, but if you’re wanting to vape for huge clouds and/or tricks, this is for you! These kits will usually require external batteries which allows you to have multiple sets and never have to worry about forgetting to charge you vape.

That's going to sum up the first part of the series! Now that you understand more about the power that comes with different kits, when you go to buy a vape you'll have a much better understanding of what you're getting into! Picking out your vape is step one, and in the next entry we're going to be talking about how to choose the correct nicotine level for the vape that you're using!


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