How to Sober Up When You're too High.

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How to Sober Up When You're too High.

What’s up Flamingo Fam! This week we are going to cover a topic that is just way too timely to pass up.

What’s up Flamingo Fam! This week we are going to cover a topic that is just way too timely to pass up. With our provincial restrictions starting to ease up, it’s only a matter of time before you find yourself enjoying life blazing with friends again. Heading into the thick of our prairie summer, we want to set you up with a few tips to remember in case you have too much fun. So grab a pen and paper or screenshot away, because we’re gonna tell you how to sober up if you get too high. 


Fortunately, there has yet to be a recorded fatal overdose due to cannabis. So if you end up feeling like this is the end, don’t fret- you’re gonna make it. It just might take a little while… Here are a few tried and true methods to help reduce your anxiety or paranoia when you take one toke too many. 



At home? Check the pantry for black peppercorn and crunch on a few of those bad boys. Black peppercorn is packed full with the terpene beta-caryophyllene, a common terpene found in many cannabis strains. Because THC and beta caryophyllene share similar traits, they will bind to the same receptors in the body. If you consume black pepper, you trick your body into receiving beta-caryophyllene instead of THC, blocking it from your receptors. If snacking on some pepper doesn’t seem too exciting, you can smell it instead- ya just might sneeze.



CBD IS KEY. Keep some CBD on hand. CBD has been found to combat and reduce anxiety quite well. If you’re feeling uneasy, try consuming some CBD to help you relax. Drink some water to stay hydrated and keep those “pasties” at bay. All you can do is wait it out, so by relaxing, you’re allowing yourself to stop focusing on how high you are. Adult colouring books or doodling away in a sketchbook are a super fun way to keep your attention elsewhere. 



Smell the sunshine. Whenever we think of Limonene, we think of the bright summer sun shining down on us. Try squeezing a lemon to release the limonene terpene from the rind. Limonene is another common terpene found in cannabis, as well as many citrus fruits. It’s been found to help reduce feelings of anxiety, while shocking your sense of smell with a bright uplifting scent. Terpenes are a huge part of the entourage effect, and because they are found in both cannabis and other plants around the world, it creates a synergistic relationship between the compounds, allowing them to interact with one another seamlessly.



Water. Drink it. It’s good for you and it helps. Don’t ask questions, just drink your water. Plus it’s hot out- so drink some water. Now that you’ve drunk the water, splash some of that beautiful water on that beautiful face of yours. ( Or on the back of your neck if you don’t want to ruin your makeup.) We know you’ve been cooped up all quarantine long and just want to let loose, but we want to make sure you practice safe seshing at all times. It’s important to also remember to never mix cannabis with alcohol, keep yourself and others safe by following our government regulations. So like we said- the water? Drink it. The adult bevvy beside it? Naaaaaah.


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Practice Safe Seshing and Peace by the Gram!




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