New Products in January - Smok, Sales, and more!

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New Products in January - Smok, Sales, and more!

A recap of new products in January! Tanks, kits, pods, sales, and more!

We got a lot of new products in this month, so we wanted to make a quick recap to tell you all about them! Stick around til the end, you won’t regret it! 


Grimm Pod Kit (25% off until Jan 27th, use code “GRIMM”)
The Grimm Pod Kit is a fantastic all-in-one pod kit with interchangeable coils designed for any vaping style. This device was specifically designed to outperform every other pod system for a mouth-to-lung experience since the designer Grimm Green is famously known for loving MTL. The experience in MTL mode is comparable to using the famous Kayfun RTA which has been praised for years as a staple in the RTA community. This is a premium kit for you salt nic lovers out there! The Grimm Kit actually uses a standard wire coil for the MTL experience and includes another airflow slot just for it, and that’s because for this purpose it easily outperforms mesh. Mesh heats up super quickly and covers a lot of surface area, but if you’re using a tiny coil with tight airflow then you don’t want excessive heat or you’ll lose flavour or even worse burn your coil! This is also the reason the Uwell Caliburn is so good, vertical wire coils help optimize flavour output far greater than standard horizontal coils in these types of kits. 

Maybe DTL is more your style (I know it is for me) which is why Grimm decided to opt for a lower ohm mesh coil to do it! Mesh works better for direct to lung because of that fast ramp up time we talked about, allowing you to take bigger short hits with super smooth airflow and amazing flavour output. I find that most of these types of mesh coils work best under 30W (even though a lot are rated higher) and it’s where I get the best flavour output, not to mention going even higher is going to kill your battery super fast. Grimm had this in mind, because this device maxes at 30W which will help make the Grimm Kit last you all day with it’s 1200mAh built-in battery with super fast USB-C charging. 


Light Matter
If you’re a dessert or custard lover and haven’t tried any of these flavours yet, you’ve been missing out. We’ve been looking for a stellar new custard lineup for almost a year now, and in 2020 we’ve finally got it on our shelves. These flavours are super smooth and creamy, so good that it’s making fruit flavour lovers switch over! Plus, it’s nice and cozy to enjoy a warm custard flavour with this super chilly winter weather! For only $24.99 there’s no other custard line for me. 
Let’s go over the profiles quick:

Sol – A decadent custard with accents of creamy dessert batter and silky smooth vanilla.

Orion – A creamy, vanilla custard with undertones of caramel and hints of cinnamon in every inhale.

Virgo – Smooth and rich blend of vanilla custard goodness in all its glory.


DotMod realized how many people loved the dotAIO, but they also realized not everyone loved how expensive that fantastic kit is. I know I loved mine before it got stolen, and while I was hesitant on buying a new one because of the price tag I don’t feel stressed anymore because they made the dotAIO SE a lot cheaper so everyone would be able to enjoy it! How much cheaper? Well the OG is $124.99, and the SE is a mere $78.99! It’s all of the original’s goodness with some extra, the biggest thing I love about this device is the instructions etched onto the device completely hidden behind the door, heck I didn’t even realize I could turn off the dry hit protection on the dotAIO until I saw this device! I’m also happy to see they took up empty space underneath the other door with a beautifully etched design. 


Uwell Yearn
The Yearn is something we’ve really been waiting for, it is a super high quality all metal construction that’s perfectly weighted for that quality feel. When this product was first announced we were really excited because of how great the Uwell Caliburn was, but we were sad to see that they only offered pre-filled pod which just meant more limitations for our customers. Luckily Uwell felt the same and finally released refillable pods for the Uwell Yearn kit! This is the definition of a pod system, a sleek slim body with a great automatic draw-activated firing system that you can refill with any flavour of your choosing. If you want to get rid of your JUUL now that they stopped making flavours, this will be a perfect kit to help you transition into the fantastic world of refillable pod systems with hundreds of flavour and nicotine strength options. The Uwell Yearn kit also features a 370mAh battery (much larger than Juul’s pathetic 200mAh) which means this sleek kit should last you all day long! 


Smok G-Priv 3 Kit
SMOK is back and better than ever with their new G-Priv 3 230W Kit! The kit of course comes with the G-Priv 3 mod, but also includes their new Smok TFV16 Lite with NexMesh conical mesh coil technology. NexMesh has truly changed the market with their amazing understanding of mesh coils, from working with Wotofo and their rebuildables to making their own OFRF NexMesh subohm tank, they’ve proven to be the best when it comes to flavour. Now with Smok using this technology, I can guarantee great flavour from this kit, but if you want the tank on it’s own we sell them separately HERE! Smok has changed a lot in the G-Priv 3 compared to the previous models, the most notable thing physically for me was the addition of a screwed in 510 plate instead of pressfit and glue, which eliminates the potential issue of over-tightening your tank and breaking the glue seal. Along with updating the body of the device to feel more comfortable in the hand, they also updated the screen and software on the G-Priv 3! It now has a high-refresh rate display with an animated tachometer for timing your puffs, beautiful graphics, and more security like password protection to avoid people using your device when you don’t want them to! 

For only $104.99, you get a fantastic kit with tons of tech pumped in. 


GoMax Kit
If you’re a pod system user who hasn’t experienced the sub-ohm life, this is your easy way in. When you get into sub-ohm and higher power devices, flavour only get’s more and more amazing and amplified. FreeMax has been on top when it comes to making tanks, and now they’re brought their knowledge to the masses by introducing the most affordable cloud chucking kit on the market. The FreeMax GoMax kit uses disposable refillable tanks, meaning you’re not worried about breaking the glass, getting your coil stuck etc., when it’s burnt out you get a whole new tank for the price of just the coil! The GoMax tube device features a massive 3000mAh battery that allows you to vape as high as 80W which will give you massive flavour and clouds. Two tanks are included with this kit for only $39.99!


As a special bonus, we’re offering everything on this list for 10% off when you use code “JANUARY” at checkout! Act fast, this offer ends January 31st!


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