Salt Nicotine for Sub-ohm? Massive Clouds with Salt nicotine? How?!

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Salt Nicotine for Sub-ohm? Massive Clouds with Salt nicotine? How?!

Do you want bigger clouds with Salt Nicotine? Do you want sub-ohm salt nicotine juice!? Well, look no further.
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Salt nicotine. Since it came onto the market, people haven’t been able to stop talking about it! Salt nicotine has become super popular because of the rise in pod systems, coming in high-nicotine strengths, producing wispy clouds with thin e-juice, and losing flavour compared to normal freebase liquid. For some people that’s okay, but for people that use sub-ohm vapes for better flavour and more satisfying vapor, trying salt nicotine has always been out of the question. Now with pod and AIO kits becoming more and more powerful as the market continues to shift, people that are used to salt nicotine vaping are also being left empty handed when the market is so flooded with ridiculously strong juices. 

With vapers switching back into sub-ohm, a solution needed to be created–and True Northern did just that. JūST is their signature Max VG line filled with beautifully crafted artisanal takes on simple fruit flavours, but with low strength salt nicotine for extremely smooth vapour and faster delivery! The flavour names describe exactly what you’re going to get, and we mean exactly. There’s no artificial tastes to these fruits which makes the line so unique, you can see the care put into each flavour to replicate the experience of every fruit. With the selection available, I’d be absolutely shocked if there wasn’t a flavour that you didn’t enjoy if you didn’t like the fruit itself! 


JūST is a line for everyone, but is extremely helpful when making the switch into sub-ohm vaping because of how smooth it is in comparison to regular freebase nicotine. With the lower pH balance of salt nicotine, this line is extremely helpful for people who may need a higher dose of nicotine in a sub-ohm device but don’t like the throat hit of freebase. Now that the harshness is eliminated, there’s no reason not to try out the best form of vaping! The JūST line works fantastic in devices like the GeekVape Aegis Boost, Innokin GoMax, or especially the Falcon 2 tank!
But maybe you’re just switching to vaping or you aren’t ready to make the switch away from super high nicotine salts yet, so along with the lower strengths it’s also offered up to 45mg/mL strengths in 30mL bottles! Are you still not sold because you love menthol?! Well you best believe they made a “chilled” version of their lineup to meet the needs of every vaper!

Now that you know so much about this fantastic line of juice, you’re probably wondering exactly which fruits are available from this lineup! 

Lemon – Natural tasting more akin to refreshing lemonade than a true sour lemon or candy flavour. This is by far my favourite of the line, lemons are my favourite fruit to eat! It’s hard finding a truly delicious lemon flavour, and this finally set the bar.

Honeydew – A bright melon inhale with a touch of the creamy core on the exhale. This is my second favourite of the lineup, while I do find this to be a bit more candy-like, that personally adds to the experience! 

Raspberry – A very realistic raspberry flavour that tastes exactly like a freshly made puree. Dark notes of freshly picked raspberries are instantly recognizable. Raspberry flavours don’t come around too often (other than the flooded market of blue raspberry), so this was an amazing surprise to see and an absolute treat to vape.

Peach – A bonafide crowd favourite that is a must try for everyone. Realistic peach taste with all the sweet notes from the core to the fuzz. Just Peach has become a huge favourite among staff at Flamingo, it’s very accurate to say this taste like fuzzy peaches without the overwhelming sugar!

Mango – Imagine biting into a freshly cut mango and getting all the sweet pulpy notes of the fruit. The goal of this E-liquid was to evoke a full-bodied mango taste that is balanced and layered.

This mango flavour deserves an award, mango flavours have always been extreme misses with me, and I only ever enjoyed the taste of real mango when I’m sick with messed up taste buds. Somehow, which I don’t understand, they managed to figure out that flavour that I’ve been chasing for so so long! You can tell real care was put into this flavour, and if you loved mango Juul pods you’ll want to pic this up for your pod system! 

I hope you all enjoyed this look into the JūST lineup, now go checkout the lineup and get one for yourself!


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