Sativa, Indica, Hybrid. What is what?

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Sativa, Indica, Hybrid. What is what?

Guess who’s back, back again? Cann-a-bis, tell a friend.

Whaddup, Party People! We’re diving right into it this week and breaking down the cannabis plant by talking all about flower types. Sativa. Indica. Hybrid. Let’s get after it.


So obviously you’ve heard of every different strain type under the sun, but do you actually know what they mean aside from how SICK (in a good way, like 90’s sick, like duuuuuuude sick, y’know?) they make you feel? Well you’re about to be educated, so gather round my friends because it’s about to get LIT. 



We will start with the Sativa plant.


The sativa plant has been described as a flower with long and thin leaves. This type of strain will give you more of a head high than anything, a lot of consumers swear by sativa during the day and indica at night, as sativa strains have also been known to have more energetic effects. These strains like to grow nice and tall, and usually pack a higher THC content. We’ve always got the best selection of flower in-store, and right now, we are absolutely loving the Limelight by Edison and the Lemon Cheese by Jonny Chronic. Come see us to set the tone for your day, we’re here to help!



With the Indica plant, you’ll typically see a bushier flower.


With more short and stocky leaves, the indica plant has long been associated with the saying, “in-da-couch” meaning just that, time to relax. With Indica strains, you are more than likely going to experience a more relaxing body effect known as a “body high.” These plants like to grow nice and bushy, and have historically native roots in countries like Afghanistan and India, as they have adapted to grow in harsher dry climates. They have been known to grow a little faster than sativa plants, and usually produce a higher yield, although it depends on how well the plant is taken care of before harvest. If you’re really looking to unwind, let us suggest the BC Rockstar by Whistler Cannabis or Blueberry Kush. This bud packs flavour and a punch, all while being absolutely caked in crystals.



A hybrid is exactly what you think it is, a mixture of both!


These strains have mostly been created in greenhouses by combining two strains- one indica and one sativa. Hybrids vary in THC and CBD range. Anywhere from 10% Sativa 90% Indica to the complete opposite side of the spectrum. Depending on your desired effect, you can find whatever you need to satisfy your sesh. The hybrid strain that has been on our radar lately is Black Cherry Punch by Elios. All we can say is WOW. This sweet and fruity bud is not only delicious, but potent- with a high THC percentage and a ridiculous terpene profile.



If there’s one thing we know- it’s cannabis. So come down to our locations on Main and Portage to get what you need. We’ve got flower, concentrates, edibles, accessories & siiiiiiick apparel, and best believe we are always stocked with the best of the best. Our employees are on the floor ready to hit you with the knowledge you didn’t know you needed. So now that you know what you want- let’s get it!

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Consume Responsibly, Practice Safe Seshing & Peace by the Gram.


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