Sigelei Humvee 215 Mini Review

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Sigelei Humvee 215 Mini Review

Today we take a little dive into the new Sigelei Humvee. Is this mod more than meets the eye? Read the review for more!

Hey everyone! Cam from Flamingo to give you a quick mini review on the new Sigelei Humvee! I’ve been a long time fan of Sigelei’s products, and seeing them make an intentionally durable mod is awesome to see! So, let’s take a quick step back and let me tell you why I think this is a cool device.

If we go back say, 5 years, the world of vaping was heaps different than what it is today. Finding a device that went as high as 100W was almost unheard of, the only way to get some crazy power outputs was through using mechanical and unregulated devices! But then there was a company called Sigelei, they paved the way for the modern box mod and were more humble about their products than ever needed to be. Sigelei released their 100W box mod that took the industry by storm, a simple and elegant dual 18650 kit that went higher than any other regulated device on the market! This was the Honda Civic of vapes, everyone had one because it did what it was supposed to, it was affordable (for the time), and most importantly it was extremely reliable. Even to this day I still see a handful of customers happily puffing away on these legendary devices. I could go on for days talking about the amount of insane stories I’ve heard about those devices, from dropping them off buildings, being run over, dropped into a lake, almost anything you can possibly think of and they just kept on going. Sigelei really had the reputation of being able to handle a beating, from the 100W to the 213, they’ve been some of my favourite devices. And now we’re here almost into 2020, and they’ve released something new with REAL durability in mind! 

The Humvee was definitely based off of the Humvee, a rough ’n tough military vehicle eventually brought to the streets as the Hummer thanks to the terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger! They really made this a mod to handle drops, scratches, and so on… But one weird note is the fact that it doesn’t actually have IP67 proofing like many other manufactureres are boasting. This beast is made up of some super tough zinc alloy, aluminum, and even resin to make sure it stays sturdy. Now while I’m not ready to start destroying one of these awesome mods to test if they were trying to be humble and not even advertise, but this is something I wouldn’t be scared about if I saw it falling off a table.

Well, I might be scared for the floor, but I digress. 

So before we get into the cool features this device has, let’s talk about the elephant in the room. I think we can all see that this is based off of the Aegis line of products from Geekvape, which are some other fantastic and durable devices. And while this is very subjective, I’m a huge fan of Sigelei’s take on this layout with some aggressive edges that add a lot of flair, especially with the bright exposed screws that give it an extra dash of toughness. You’ll also notice the 0.66” OLED display they’ve placed on the side of the device so you can easily peak at it while it’s in your hand, it’s a very slight change compared to it being on the firing switch side but it adds to the ease of use with this device. So here’s one of the biggest game changers that I haven’t seen in a mod yet, and that’s proper use of a USB Type C charger. Many of the devices I’ve seen that use USB-C still limit themselves to a 1A charge input, which is fine but with the power available from USB-C, what’s the frickin' point? Sigelei took note of that, because they managed to slap in a 2.5A USB-C charge port on this device. Hell, that’s faster than some battery chargers! 

Side note, I still always recommend owning an external charger so you can have multiple sets on the go with you! I personally have a Nitecore at home, check that out here!

Now I hear you say, "Okay okay, it’s starting to sound like this is just a really plain durable and practical device that’s good for everyone, but what kind of features are there Cam?"

That’s what I love about this device so much, there really isn’t a whole lot! They wanted to just simplify your life, there’s temperature control if you want it but otherwise here’s a nice bright OLED display of your wattage, no extra clutter. No crazy colour display with loading graphics and other wacky and zany designs that Smok’s popularized so much. Sigelei is going back to their humble roots, with even their official web page not giving heaps of information about the product! I love that companies are finally starting to take a step back and breathe and focus on what’s important. We don’t need crazy devices that are doing our taxes while also calculating y=mx+b, they’ve stripped it down to what’s most important for vapers. Comfort, reliability, durability, and simplicity. 

I hope you see why I think this mod is so much, and I hope that you all will too! If you want to pick up one of these tanks, click on this link and you can buy one yourself!

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