SMOK RPM40 vs. VooPoo Vinci | Which is Best?!

SMOK RPM40 vs. VooPoo Vinci | Which is Best?!

Are you unsure of which AIO kit to buy? Check out this review/comparison to help make your choice!

How’s it going everybody,
Today we’re doing a comparison review of the SMOK RPM40 and the VooPoo Vinci. We’re going to go over both devices, compare their features, and rank them at the end of this video!

Let’s go over the specs really fast:
RPM40: 4.5mL tank, 1500mAh battery, 25x25x100mm, “40” watts
Vinci: 5.5mL tank, 1500mAh battery, 25x25x104mm, 40 watts.


Well, they’re pretty similar, but there’s definitely some differences when you get up close, let’s go from top to bottom.

The mouthpieces have very different shapes, the RPM40 has a Novo style mouthpiece that comes to a fairly wide tip which I can only assume is to provide a larger chimney. Personally I find it rather large and it took me a while to get used to.

Voopoo’s mouthpiece is much more my style. It’s rounded all the way around, being a little bit thinner around the edges compared to the centre. This feels like it was designed to fit in a mouth, and while they are the same size this one feels a bit smaller and much much more comfortable. 

Filling the two pods are basically the same, little silicone flaps. I’m terrible and bite my nails off so I generally don’t like Smok pods, and have to use a knife to open them. The Vinci on the other hand actually gives you a little extra silicone so even if you don’t have fingernails you can get a grip on this plug. That’s my biggest gripe with most pod systems anyway, that’s why I usually like irregular filling methods like the Caliburn’s a lot more that most.

Now that we’re at the body of the device, there’s very slight changes between the two of them. At the top of the mods you’ll see the airflow slots on both, but boom guess what the Vinci actually has adjustable airflow unlike Smok. Depending on which way you insert the pod, you can actually use either a tighter or looser airflow so you can get a better draw for the coil you’re using. If you’re using the 0.3 mesh coil, you’ll really want to use the the looser airflow because it gets way too warm when it’s tight. 

One thing Smok always has over the competition is colour variants. 

There is a handful of different panels that look like they came from Lost Vape for the Vinci, but the body is always this shiny gunmetal. If you hate fingerprints, you’re not gonna be pumped. Smok offers a wide variety as usual, with different chrome options if you like finger prints and shiny things, or of course the gloss options with these crazy side panels.

Overall, I believe the Vinci is a nicer looking device, but I prefer designs that aren’t loud. One last pro I want to mention is actually the base of the device which is much wider on the Vinci meaning you’re less likely to tip it over when you put it down. Now if you just put it on the side all the time that doesn’t matter at all but it’s worth noting. Oh yeah, it’s pretty obvious but the fact that you can see the juice in the Vinci is awesome, my big gripe with AIO kits is the fact that you usually can’t.


So the coils are pretty similar in design, but Voopoo completely stomped Smok on this one in my opinion. So Smok gives you the new 25W RPM coils that do work great for Freebase juice, and let’s you use Nord coils which is neat but it’s a 40W device that they brag about, why isn’t there a 40W coil? Yeah that’s okay if you get the optional RBA section and build a 40W coil, but the majority of people aren’t going to do that. In the Vinci, If you want a mouth to lung vape for high nicotine juices, you get a 0.8Ω coil for 12-18w, and a 0.3Ω mesh coil for lower nicotine lung hits that you can take up to 40W. This thing hits harder than the RPM for sure, and I’m getting smacked by this 6mg juice at 30W. While both devices don’t give me any wicking issues, I prefer the larger wicking holes of the Vinci coils especially since winter is coming, ‘cause that juice will get thicker in the cold.

I will say, while the VooPoo Vinci has better coil options for most people, that availability of Nord coils means you’ll never have an issue finding one. VooPoo is still a pretty big brand, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding these coils either.

Performance and Features
Some people care about form over function, but just because something looks great doesn’t mean it performs great. The Lambo from ONE is a perfect example of something that looks sick but works like garbage. The Vinci on the other hand, is a terrible example because it does everything I want and more. The RPM 40 was more exactly what I expected, but we’ll get into that in a moment.

The VooPoo Vinci actually has a cool feature, by clicking the fire button 3 times you can actually switch it through Auto, Manual, and mixed firing modes. Auto lets you only do draw activated, manual is only firing button, then the mixed is obvious. This is something convenient if you spill something and get your button sticky, or if condensation builds up in the auto-draw sensor, that way you can still have a reliable firing method. Now when you place the pod in, it will automatically adjust to a recommended wattage setting so that way if you switch from the 0.3 coil to the 0.8 you won’t burn it out. You don’t need to take it out often because of the 5.5mL capacity, but it’s worth noting if that bugs you. The other slight con is the fact that the Vinci will go into standby mode, which sets it back to the recommended wattage when awoken. I tend to change my wattage a lot and jump between 25-35W, so it doesn’t bother me personally but needs to be noted. There’s also a clock that you set when you turn it on for the first time but I can’t figure out how to get back to it since the instruction manual says press plus and minus for every setting. There’s also a puff tracker if you wanna keep track of coil life, vaping habits etc. but I personally don’t care about that. A weird little note is that when you lock the device with firing & plus, you CAN’T fire it in power mode but it still works in auto, that way if you tend to press buttons on accident from your pocket, the device won’t fire or change wattage.

On the RPM40 you can lock your wattage, adjust it to 25W because the coils don’t go higher, and you can change the colours on the menu a bit. They give you an almost as large 4.5mL tank, which is still a lot especially since you can only go up to 25. Other than the basic puff counter I don’t have a whole lot else to say, it’s a very simple setup.

But how do they vape?
The RPM40 gives a cooler airy-er vape, but it works just fine! I was impressed by how well the coils took freebase juice, and the flavour was pretty good. I didn’t get much of a throat hit using 6mg juice, which I think is because of the airflow being as wide as it is, giving a wispier cloud. The Nord coils vape like Nords so there’s not much to say, but I do think the RPM coils are nice, but would be great if they could go a higher wattage.

The Vinci on the other hand always gave me a comfortably warm vape, unless I was using the tight airflow mode at higher wattages which was too warm as expected. The flavour in this was also pretty good, both these devices are going to get better flavour than a tiny pod system, but as you go bigger things get better. The cloud is where the Vinci completely destroys Smok, I’m more satisfied hitting this vape a couple times with 6mg than I am my Caliburn with 35! And of course if you like doing tricks here and there it’s way easier when you get more vapour. Being able to pick up my device and not have to use a firing button is very convenient, if I’m working on my car I’d rather hold the device as little as possible because of dirty hams. I said it earlier, but the mouth piece just feels nicer, which is a stupid deciding factor for me.

Final Thoughts
Both these devices are fantastic, especially if you’re trying to get off salt nicotine and switch to freebase, or you like to use a mix of both. Overall I think the Vinci is the better device, it’s much more versatile, more comfortable, better features, and just as easy to use. If you LOVE the Nord and only want salt, or the colour of your device is very important and you want to have neochrome or pylon orange, get the RPM40! If you ask me, the $5 more that the Vinci costs is well worth it. If I lost both these devices today I’d easily go and pick up another Vinci.

And if you’re wondering which device copied which? Who knows, but Voopoo won an award off the Vinci.

I hope you enjoyed this review/comparison, if you want to see more product reviews leave them in the comments below! 


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