UPDATE on Flamingo Vape Shop Robbery Video

UPDATE on Flamingo Vape Shop Robbery Video

Update on the Vape Shop robbery that went viral!

We wanted to make a follow up to our break-in video which went more viral than we could have ever imagined. I want to thank every single one of you for your support, our amazing customers have been driving by the stores at night, searching the web for stolen goods, and giving us useful tips to help this investigation. We also want to thank our friends at Smart-n-App for helping us get this high-quality footage. Make sure you have the best security footage available, check out their facebook page, and mention Flamingo to get $100 off your setup!

We have some major updates to this robbery, because we found out we’re not the only ones. We’ve been contacted by a local pub, insurance company, and even a gas bar who saw the footage, and realized that we’ve all been robbed by the same couple. What’s crazier? It’s all been around the same time, the same method of entry and destruction, and they’ve all made away with minor minor amounts of products, and excessive damage.

Not crazy enough?! An ATTEMPTED break-in was made at our Portage location, we believe that it was probably the same people that robbed our Pembina location, or perhaps some copy cats that saw the video. The exact same attempt was made to unlock the door, however the inside lock was removed which quickly discouraged them to run away. We’ll be in contact with other businesses to see if other sightings were made.

There are some updates of course, and these are bringing us one step closer to finding them. One big change is from the physical description of the person in the Hi-Visibility jacket. A few people have told me that they were wearing said jacket as a camouflage (you heard that right.) They assumed that this culprit dressed this way to act as a construction worker, but unfortunately by wearing sweatpants and sneakers it ruined their illusion. Another big point you guys have told us is that this person is likely a woman, I had originally thought that it was a man due to their movement and general build, but after being contacted by ex-police, artists that deal with anatomy, and many more, it seems I misjudged the situation!

The woman wearing the black jacket in the video may have been identified thanks to a local business who appears to have been robbed by the exact same people. Because we are still dealing with the police we don’t want to reveal their identity, we don’t want to start a manhunt if the information is false, but we are really looking good here. What we did find out? They were driving a Grey Ford truck which was not apparent before. If you see one without license plates in a sketchy area, please don’t hesitate to call us.

Thank you all for your continued support, it’s appreciated from every member of our team!

Stay tuned for part 3, that’s when we’re going to give everybody the full scoop after we catch these robbers!


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