Vaping in WINTER! -- 4 Things YOU need to Know!

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Vaping in WINTER! -- 4 Things YOU need to Know!

Winter stinks! Here's 4 things that YOU need to know about vaping in winter to make YOUR life EASY!

With winter and cold weather here to stay, there are a couple issues you may run into, so we wanted to cover them and show you how to fix/prevent them!!

Dry hits

One of the biggest problems with vaping in winter time is having your juice get super thick. When juice is getting really thick, the cotton will have a much more difficult time wicking which can easily lead to getting a dry hit or even burning your cotton. If you’re using a pod system or a tank with small coils, try to stick to juices with 60VG or lower as they will be much thinner and wick more efficiently. Make sure not to take consecutive hits or you’ll risk it even more, take your time and let the wick soak!


Battery Life

There’s one problem that all electronics suffer from, and that’s battery life in cold weather. When batteries are exposed to long amounts of time in cold conditions, their actual capacity can be reduced by up to 70%! It is always good to have a spare set of batteries or even a backup device especially if you are exposed to the weather a lot.



How you store your gear will play the biggest part in your winter vaping experience. If you aren’t taking care of your gear, it won’t take care of you! It’s very important not to leave hardware or juice in your vehicle or stored elsewhere outdoors. I always recommend keeping your vape in an inside jacket pocket or pants pocket. If you can’t keep it on your person, doing your best to keep it inside and out of the cold will save you lots of headaches! Another downside to having it in your car is having those intense temperature changes which is a big reason for leaking!


Foggy Windows

Now this one is a huge headache for anyone that vapes in their cars. With cold weather, the vapor likes to stick to windows and leave a foggy film which can give you grief trying to drive at night, warming your car in the morning, and just look kinda gross during the day. There are quite a few products out there that make claims of preventing window fog, some companies even offering wax coatings to put over your windshield. Everyone has their favourite with these products, I personally find that wax-like products last longer but other liquid based options will keep it down. The easiest way to keep it minimized? Crack a window, as terrible as it can be. Hopefully, your car doesn’t have terrible heat like mine, and you aren’t sitting there with -35 degree winds freezing you to bone. While this isn’t the favourable solution, you’ll be cleaning your windows way less than everybody else!

Winter sucks, but we hope these tips will help make it a little less terrible. These are what help me survive these frigid Winnipeg winters, I hope they help you too!


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