What is SQUONKING? Bottom feeders are back?

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What is SQUONKING? Bottom feeders are back?

What even is squonking? What's the point of bottom feed (BF) RDAs? Am I missing out on the best thing since sliced bread? Read more to find out!


With squonk devices continuously growing in popularity, you're probably wondering what the heck they even are! We're going to dive right in and tell you everything you'd ever need to know about squonking, and find out why people can't get enough!

The act of Squonking

The term “Squonk” is a verb used to describe the action of squeezing a bottle to pump juice through the 510 pin of a rebuildable atomizer. But what’s the big deal? For years people using RDAs (usually called “drippers”) would need to take out their vape juice to constantly resoak wicks, this big inconvenience has converted many people to using tanks and turned people away from the fantastic flavour and vapour quality they offer. Being able to soak your wicks by squeezing a little bottle in your device fixed the biggest flaw with drippers and their popularity skyrocketed. They are very popular with the high-end vape community, searching out custom made devices from exotic materials around the globe, but affordable devices from big companies like Vandy Vape and GeekVape brought it to the masses!

Types of Squonk devices

Squonk mods can be easily put into 3 categories, regulated and mechanical, semi-regulated, and fully regulated. Mechanical squonk mods are very common, usually designed to have on solid strip of metal to make direct connection from the battery to the 510 connection, by pushing a floating button that presses the metal together completing the circuit! Unregulated mods are very similar with running off direct battery power, but instead of designing a mechanism to complete the circuit, wires and tactical switches take its place to cut down on cost, space, and overall simplifying the process. All mechanical mods are unregulated, but not all unregulated devices are mechanical!

Semi-regulated devices still draw direct power from the battery, but add chips to provide safety features like on/off, short circuit protection, overheat protection, and more! These devices set a cap on the maximum wattage that can be outputted, but keep a lot of space saving qualities that unregulated mods provide.

Fully regulated devices are the most appealing to the masses, providing the most customization, safety, and ease of use for the consumer! These are what most people are accustomed to, having digital displays to fine tune settings, tons of safety features and being able to properly monitor your battery life. If you have no experience with unregulated devices’ safety precautions, then we strongly recommend going regulated as they’re finally on par and exceeding the performance of unregulated!

Origins of squonking

Squonking’s origins can be dated back as far as 2009, where a forum poster/YouTuber named Carlos49 created his genius device, the “JuiceBox”. This squonk mod was designed with the atomizer built inside the casing alongside the bottle and battery, meaning very limited customization. Instead of having an exposed bottle like most, he had a small rod to press that would squeeze the bottle, rather than pressing the bottle with your finger. Flash forward to 2010, another forum member perfected his design to be the standard that we know today and called it the REO. With an exposed bottle connected to a hollow 510 connection and an 18650 beside it all, this compact and powerful design is still being used today! Now being adapted to different and more powerful batteries like 21700s, a rise in semi-regulated devices to give a mechanical experience, and even being implemented in regulated devices to give more control to the user!

Juice Box and Ram Box 2009vs2017

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