If you're having trouble tasting your e-liquid/e-juice flavors, read these tips and tricks to help fix your problems! 5 tips and tricks to fix vaper's tongue so you can taste your favourite flavours!

What IS Vaper's Tongue?


Vaper's Tongue is something people can experience during their time vaping, and it can be irritating. What happens is that your taste buds get used to you vaping on the same flavour over and over to the point where it can leave a sour taste in your mouth, and you won't taste your vape juice. This is common with overly sweet juices, and certain flavours can affect people differently. Some people are fortunate and can vape a single flavour exclusively for months, or even years and have it be consistently satisfying! Me personally? It happens to almost everything I vape.

When you start vaping you may enjoy certain types of flavours that you may not later down the road, I used to be a big fan of custard/cream flavours but you won't see me using any now!


How Can I FIX Vaper's Tongue?


There are tons of methods that you can find to cure the dreaded Vaper's Tongue, and here's some to try out if you experience it!


  1. Check your nose!

One thing a lot of people don't realize is how vital your scent is to your taste! If your nose is plugged up, you won't be able to taste things the same, especially when you have a cold! Another popular method to cleanse your senses is by smelling coffee beans, Professionals do this when tasting teas as well as testing perfume to help refresh your pallet.



  1. Lemons and Water

If you are dehydrated, then tasting the flavours can become difficult, so make sure to be drinking lots of water every day! Some people suggest adding lemons to the water to help reset your taste buds, and some will say to eat lemon wedges to get the best effect!

  1. Mint and Menthol

One thing that you can't lose is the flavour and effect from mint and menthol flavours! Sometimes adding some menthol or peppermint into your favourite juice can add a nice minty touch and can help bring back other flavours! Some try switching to vaping straight mint or menthol flavours to reset, and it's super refreshing when added to fruity flavours!

  1. Pickle Juice.

This is one we're a little sceptical on, but some vapers INSIST that drinking pickle juice will actually cure Vaper's Tongue. Can't say that I plan on testing this one out, but don't say you've tried everything until you try this method!

  1. Taking a Break!

One of the best ways to fix this problem is simply... Take a break! Like many things, taking a break and trying something new can reset your pallet for when you decide to come back to that favourite flavour! Whether this is just one bottle, a couple months, a year, sometimes it's as easy as switching juices for a while. Who knows, this could make you find your new favourite flavour!


Smoking and Vaping

If you're still transitioning into vaping and are still smoking cigarettes, they will usually ruin the taste of your vape especially right after smoking. Another good reason to quit!


Hopefully these tips and tricks can help you or your friends fix Vaper's Tongue and get back to enjoying your favourite flavours! 


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