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Woody Nelson Rainbow Driver Craft Sativa Flower 3.5G

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Elevate your cannabis experience with Woody Nelson Rainbow Driver Craft Hybrid Flower 3.5G. Perfect for connoisseurs who appreciate quality, flavor, and potency in one exquisite package. Rich in terpenes, high THC, Tropical fruit and gas aroma!
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Discover the exceptional quality and vibrant flavors of Woody Nelson Rainbow Driver Craft Hybrid Flower 3.5G. Bred by the renowned Archive Seed Bank and meticulously cultivated in an indoor vertical farm using living soil, this high THC cultivar promises an unparalleled cannabis experience.

High-Quality Genetics: The Woody Nelson edition of Rainbow Driver is a testament to top-tier cannabis breeding. Combining potent genetics and expert cultivation techniques, this strain offers a robust and enjoyable high that's perfect for any occasion.

Flavor and Aroma: Immerse yourself in the rich, complex aroma of tropical fruits and gas. Each inhale brings a burst of fruity goodness, complemented by a subtle yet pungent gas-like undertone. The bright, sticky buds are a visual delight, promising a flavorful journey with every puff.

Rich in Terpenes: Rainbow Driver is packed with terpenes like trans-caryophyllene, farnesene, and beta-myrcene. These terpenes not only enhance the flavor profile but also contribute to the strain's potent effects, offering a balanced and enjoyable high.

Meticulous Craftsmanship: Each bud is hand-trimmed and cured for a minimum of three weeks before packaging, ensuring peak freshness and potency. The meticulous care taken in the growing and curing process is evident in every jar.

Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews
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Customer Reviews

the creme de la creme of cannabis right now, unreal Orange and Candy terps and very strong effects. 11/10 would recommend.