6 Common Questions from New Vapers! - Vape Q&A

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6 Common Questions from New Vapers! - Vape Q&A

6 Of the most commonly asked questions from new vapers! From changing coils to charging your vape, we're here to help answer your questions!
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We get a lot of questions from people that are just starting out, or looking to start vaping! I’ve compiled this list of the most commonly asked questions I’ve received, so I hope these help you out! If I’ve missed anything make sure to leave it in the comments down below!

1) When (and How) do I change my Coil?

 All coils are pretty much the same, unscrew and screw. With the exception of few, which are simply press fit! With most tanks, it’s as simple as turning it upside-down and unscrewing the base; double check that your juice is below the chimney, that way you won’t worry about losing any! If your coil screws in, be careful not to cross-thread the coil in the base, as these threads are very fine. One easy trick is to spin the new coil in counter-clockwise first to make sure it seats perfectly in the base!

When do you need to change it? The easiest way to know is when it tastes burnt, and the burnt taste doesn’t go away. Some people may not notice a burnt taste, but will notice the flavour is either muted or gone so that usually means it’s time to replace the coil! Since everyone vapes differently, the longevity of coils will vary. Someone vaping 30mL of juice a day is going to burn out coils much faster than someone vaping only 10mL a day!


2) How do I choose a vape?

Choosing the right vape is going to make it or break it for your vaping experience. There are all sorts of different devices, from replicating a cigarette to replicating a fog machine, Flamingo has the right vape for you. When you’re choosing your first vape, we recommend a device that doesn’t create huge plumes of vapor as it can make you cough from the heat and volume of vapor. Something that fires between 10w - 30w (Uwell Whirl kit, Innokin Zenith tank, Uwell Nunchaku Kit) is the perfect range to start. We have a full post about getting your first vape, so check it out HERE!


3) Why does my coil taste burnt right away?

When you put in a new coil, you need to wait a good 10 minutes to make sure all the cotton is fully saturated. When you don’t let your coil soak and saturate in your tank, you run a high chance of prematurely burning your cotton. I’m a huge fan of mesh coils as they eliminate the chance of hot spots that can burn your cotton faster!

4) How do I charge my vape?

Charging your batteries properly is very important, as improper use can damage the batteries or even internals of the device! If you’re charging through USB, it’s best to stick to chargers that have an Output of 1A (Ampere) or lower, charging at higher outputs can damage your device! Computers, game systems, TVs, all usually output 1A for charging, however, cell phone chargers usually output far higher power so make sure you read the specifications before using them!

If your device has removable batteries (18650s, 20700s, etc.) it’s best to use an external charger (Like the Nitecore i2, i4, i8) as it will ensure your batteries get a balanced charge and give you optimal battery life.


5) Which flavour do I get?

Many people transitioning from tobacco to vaping usually think they need a tobacco flavour to quit. We’ve found that people are generally more successful if they find a flavour that they enjoy more than a cigarette, as the taste of tobacco can lead some people back to the real thing. This is not true for everyone, some people enjoy tobacco flavours more than anything, and Traveller’s Finest is a prime example of fantastic tobacco flavours! We have testers for all of our flavours in stores, so make sure to try out different categories of flavours to find your favourite. If you’re shopping online we try to give the best description for flavours to make your life easier, plus you can check out our staff’s top picks!


6) How do I get more flavour?

Certain setups are going to get better flavour than others, as well as different juices having stronger flavour than others!

The type/size of the coil you use will make the biggest difference, as the amount of surface area being heated will affect how much flavour you get. Mesh coils are gaining popularity due to having a very large surface area being heated giving massive amounts of flavour! The amount of power you need can be subjective, one person may love their vape at 150w all day but to me that is way too hot, personally I get best flavour around 45w-60w! Finding your sweet spot can be tricky, but more power usually means more flavour!

Certain juices will have more flavour than others, usually because of added sweetener. With higher sweetener it will burn out your coils faster, however little to no sweetener can result in lighter flavour but longer lasting coils!



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