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Cannabis Product Type
Vape Product Type
Nicotine Type
Aspire Aspire Breeze 2 Pod
C$7.99 C$2.00
C$14.99 C$2.00
C$10.55 C$3.00
C$8.99 C$2.00
C$19.99 C$6.50
C$12.99 C$2.00
C$4.99 C$1.00
C$14.99 C$2.00
Aspire Triton Coils (pack of 5)
C$17.99 C$3.00
C$10.46 C$5.00
C$4.05 C$2.00
C$10.99 C$2.00
C$5.00 C$1.00
C$7.99 C$2.00